Unconscious form
Design: Atsushi Kitahara
Year: 2003
Material: White porcelain
Size: -

Production: Atsushi Kitahara
Photography: Atsushi Kitahara

John Cage's, who is an American composer, 4'33" is the famous work of him. Throughout this work is almost soundless and listener can listen to the various internal and external noise of the hall, for instance a birdsong, trees rustling, the buzz of audience and so on. In another word the 4'33" can be considered that it has room in which a lot of information is capable of coming because of “pure white” situation. I proposed to sublimate “soundless” as a clue to the work.
“Tool” which serves various roles in proportion to the situation which is regarded as the silence condition when it does not own their function. We are conscious of it and considered it as a tool only after someone uses for specific purposes. This is the way, I consider this conditions that all the things are not used as silence conditions, that is,
“soundless conditions”.
Moreover soundless is equivalent to “0”. A container is a mere solid if it is not used. People entrusts a suitable size of thing with an object satisfied enough to be their act so that people accomplish some purposes. I propose the versatile form to be able to deal with some purposes.

I made samples with throwing because of possibility to change a size
and a form finely with my hand. Its forms are rich in variety.

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