Design: Atsushi Kitahara
Year: 2002
Material: Semi-porcelain
Size: 200 x 200 
x 50 mm
Atsushi Kitahara
Photography: Atsushi Kitahara

The unit tile is commonly a quadrangle easy to get together because of necessity to connect lining many of tiles up. I considered new form of a tile in order to improve the point that usual tile has a wide use but monotony.
At first I thought that a tile should have variation in ones form since the unit tile is used just as building materials by such like plumbing and outer wall that give the boring impression. Besides one tile is a solid but it comes to be flat when some tiles are arranged that can not make it impressive. So I considered characterizing the form.

I produced a sample based on the form of Axonometric because its form is simple, but lively and has possibility of visual impression.

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