Capture the moment / Wavy
Design: Atsushi Kitahara
Year: 2011
Material: H
and-blown glass
Size: -
Production: Atsushi Kitahara
Marie-Luise Knittel

The inspiration for my idea came from when I went for a walk in one of the wine farmers. There are huge rich vineyards and the river which through the mountains. These generous and beautiful wine is the creation of the earth, water, air and the Sun. If one of these element is missing, obviously you can not create such a wine.

I have experience the wonderful wine tastings and again it reminded me that the grape is the key root. I decided to design the motif of the drop. And also the rhythmical motion of which occur when you pour the wine into the glass. I will suggest to create wine and water glasses.

The fun of the rhythmic motion and curve line by water swinging into a glass. The vineyards are beautiful but it is imaginary and I think that there is a kind of fragility. The motion of water when swirling it into a glass is attribute to knowing behavior to have a taste of wine and all of riped grape turn out to be wine. The optical beauty is only for a moment and it is a piece of the everyday life. I tried to capture this moment into my design and at same time I wanted to include the appreciation of the nature and foods. The beauty of the single moment can be eternal. This way of thinking is derived from the word of "Itadakimasu" which people say before starting a meal in Japan. It
contains an expression of gratitude for the person who cooked the meal and the life of animals and plants. It is same with the drinking wine.

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