Design: Atsushi Kitahara
Year: 2002
Material: White porcelain, glass plate
Size: 210 x 52 
x 205 mm
Atsushi Kitahara
Photography: Atsushi Kitahara

2002 / The 6th  International Ceramics Competition MINO / Nomination

The jewelry turn on the most of their charm when people wear it, although people putting them into a normal box.
I started to question about jewelry box and meaning of jewelry box which is to keep all them together.
Jewelry such as earring, ring, necklace, and so on, have different kinds of sizes and forms that they will be in a mess when they are jumbled in the one box. Besides they are liable to be twisted and tangled. I thought how jewelry can keep its virtue even when not in use and without lack of its separate beauty.

Therefore I propose the accessory tray which can preserve separately.
A crystal of salt is a source of ideas for this work. I aimed to implicate fragile beauty of crystal with that of accessory. In terms of form, by moving the center, I made the form you can tilt it with your finger.

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