Frame for magazine
Design: Atsushi Kitahara
Year: 2002
Material: White porcelain, glass plate
Size: 210 x 52 
x 205 mm
Atsushi Kitahara
Photography: Atsushi Kitahara

A pile of magazines can be often seen in a corner of the room. People tend not to read the last issue when the new one comes out and it is handled less carefully.
Nevertheless some magazines are excellent and it is too shame to leave them being expendable supplies. It is more often that people are attracted to buy the magazine because of the cover and there are huge varieties from simple to beautiful designs. These elements are
depending on the content of the magazine.
My aim was to reuse the magazine cover. I designed a product that can hold these beautiful / interesting magazines and people can use it as the decoration on their desk. This is same idea as having a flower on the table.

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